Windows 7

Finally another OS from Microsoft that I think is deserving of installation.  As you will note on some pages I did not feel the same about Vista.

I know you didn't ask for them, however here are my early comments about Windows 7 anyway.

What do I find irritating about Windows 7 so far?

  • Too much eye-candy.  I'm  interested in performance.  I could care less about the visual appeal of the OS.  A balance of both would be ideal.
  • No classic start menu.
  • No system shutdown when running in a dual boot configuration.  Just restarts.  (watch for a fix on this page soon).
  • When using lower screen resolutions you can no longer set the desktop icon size to 32x32 icons.  The super-sized icons are yet another example of Microsoft wasting my real-estate which is a habit they can get out of anytime now.
  • As with Vista, UAC.  System security is the responsibility of the user and has nothing to do with Microsoft.  They have no business injecting arbitrary security features and particularly when they have never been very successful with system security anyway.  Yes UAC can be disabled.  Doing so also disables possibly desirable features like the desktop gadgets.  See the gadget fix below.
  • The use of Internet Explorer 8.  This is one of the worst browsers MS has developed so far.  The Back button doesn't work at most times, and the "suggest" search is terrible.
    Update:  The back button issue appears to have been fixed.
  • The inability to disable the Task Scheduler service which has now evolved into an exploitable item.  Very foolish on the part of Microsoft and most people who spend any amount of time repairing systems are extremely unhappy with the situation.

The start menu and desktop icons may be deal breakers for me.  I have yet to make a firm decision on this.

After allowing a reasonable time for assessment I have come to the conclusion that Windows 7 is definitely faster than Vista (surprised yet?) but that only applies until you load it with some other heavy programs.  For example if you load Visual Studio 2010 it will feel like the system is running slower than Vista.  The upside.  If you load Visual Studio 2010 on Vista your system seems to come to a stop.


What do I like about Windows 7 so far?

  • The built in ISO burning capability.  I found it very fast and better than most similar products available.
  • UAC has been improved over what was seen in Vista.  I still don't like it but it is improved.



Since this is my web site I'm going to also use this page to state a personal opinion.

It is time for MS to dismiss the entire marketing division and start all over.  The new division would have no say in anything that has to do with product development or in product support.  They have far too much power right now and are ruining the Windows Experience for most users.  The only way that they even know how to get users to upgrade to a newer version is to force the OEMs to provide only the "latest and greatest" products without any thought given to what the end user wants.


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