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   If you are upgrading to Windows XP from another version you should first read
by Garry Woodruff MS-MVP.


Specific Windows XP Problems and Issues

Windows Randomly restarts Can not restore a backup created in Windows 9x or ME
No Audio After Upgrading to Windows XP Windows XP Randomly Restarts
Disk Burning Issues
The CD-R drive or CD-RW drive is not recognized as a recordable device The drive is missing or device manager indicates a driver problem
Inconsistent recording of files to the disc Hardware device and device driver compatibility issues
CD recording programs compatibility issues Specific disk burning error messages
Articles related to disk burning  

How To......

Clean Boot Windows (and why you should) Start the Windows Installer Service during a clean boot
Perform Clean Boot trouble shooting Use the "Classic" style start menu
Disable the System Restore User Interface (XP Pro) Disable System Restore
Share The Outlook Express Store Folder Run Scandisk