Windows Millennium Help Desk

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All you need to know About.......

Dll files

Stack faults

The Recycle bin

System resources

Windows Registry

Fragmented files and folders

Using more than 512Mb of RAM in Windows ME    

Slow Computer?

The leading cause

Startup items

Office Fast Find indexer

Seeking a floppy drive

When you defrag your drives

When opening folders


Specific Windows ME Problems and Issues

Can't Access Display Properties

Windows Explorer left pane is missing

RPC Stub Errors

Scandisk runs each time that Windows starts

SendToDesktop shortcut is missing

Wrong symbols on the title bar

Icons are missing or incorrect

Windows Update issues

Windows Setup errors

CD and CDRW drives do not appear



Help system issues

Recycle Bin Problems

Windows Help Center

Damaged files in the recycle bin
Damaged Recycled folder
Damaged Info or Info2 file

Windows Crashes  (You must be kidding)

About the Blue screen of death (BSOD)

BSOD when opening a folder


How To......

Clean Boot Windows (and why you should)

Prevent the Logon Dialog from appearing

Disable File Protection Disable System Restore
Create a New Restore Point Re-install Window ME

Defragment your hard drives

Create a boot disk from DOS

Restore "My Documents" folder to the desktop

Automatically configure IP addressing

Add the Windows 2000 color scheme to Win 9x

Recover your Windows Product Key

Run Windows components using command line switches

Clean up that start menu mess

Prevent users from bypassing the logon dialog Change the Name or Organization

Extract *.cab files

From DOS

From Windows

Invalid Page Faults

In module

Occurs when


When you attempt to open My Computer or Control Panel







General Protection Faults