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Development of this page has been halted!!

After several months of getting used to, and analyzing the "features" of Vista, I have made the personal decision to provide no support for Vista at all and have actually "upgraded" my system to Windows XP again.  This is a situation where Microsoft has chosen to play free and easy with my system having totally ignored the fact that it is still my system.  I for one abhor the recent practices of a formerly great software development company and a company that for years had my total support.  If you, as a user, prefer to continue using Vista then you may be interested in reading this article.  Is this what you want happening to your computer?

As far as I am concerned it's another effort by Microsoft to force me to use a computer the way they think I should and to only use software that they want me to use.  I'll switch to a non-Microsoft product before that ever happens.

Any software which I still have under development is not being written to work with Vista.  If it works then that's fine.  If it doesn't work then don't bother sending me messages that my software does not work with Vista because they will be ignored.  I have no intention of providing any flavor of Vista support in the near or distant future.  Case closed.