Other Recommended Software Sites

Links To Other Software Download Sites

The software and download sites listed have all been used by me and I highly recommend them to you.  I will add many more as time permits.


A very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE*  graphics viewer for all Windows versions Ideal for batch converting most types of graphics files.  Also use it to create your own screensavers and slide shows. 
(* Free for non-commercial use)

Avast Anti-virus Home Version
A highly recommended anti-virus tool which is FREE for home use and is very adequate protection for your PC.  Version 5 no longer requires you to wait for an email to register.

AVG Anti-virus Guard
A very good anti-virus utility.  The freeware version is adequate for most users.

AdAware 6
A great tool for removing the spyware and other malicious files that your system manages to accumulate while you are surfing the net. Best of all It's Free.

FoxIt PDF reader
When you have to read PDF files (in my case often) they should open quickly.  Although Adobe has made great strides in this direction, the free FoxIt reader is still faster.  Not to mention that the smallest download I can find of Acrobat reader is over 12 Mb compared to FoxIt at 10% of that,

Great little utility programs that range from password recovery to general Windows and network utilities all written by Nils Sofer.
I use several of them and heartily recommend any software that has been written by Nils.
Most are free.