Windows System Tools

Welcome to our System Tools Page

To run one of the system tools from the server;
Click on the name of the tool, when the dialog box opens, click "Run".

CPU-Z 32bit

CPU-Z 64bit

A great source of information about your computers CPU (including clock speeds), Motherboard and memory as well as a cache latency test.

Board Identifier

If the DMI information is available on your system this tool will report make and model of the motherboard as well as a wealth of information about such things as RAM,  BIOS and Processor.  When the applet appears just double click on any  item that you want to read more information about.

System Info Tool
(Windows 95/98 only)

A good tool to identify system information on your Windows 95/98/ME systems.  I will tell you exactly what version of Windows (for example 98 or 98SE) is installed as well as recover the product id number and give your RAM stats etc.  For a version that works on XP and up see System Informant below.

Motherboard Viewer Another quick check on the basic Motherboard information.
Drive S.M.A.R.T. Analyzer Newly updated
Check the S.M.A.R.T. statistics of your hard drives even when you have it turned off in your system BIOS.
System Informant Finally added here although it is still in Beta stage and under development.  This tool is similar to the System Info Tool listed above with a few added extras and was written to work on XP and up.